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How do I qualify to be a TBS affiliate?

Here is a tutorial how to be our affiliate on TBS.
Firstly,You need create an our store account, please click the sign up today on the affiliate page and choose to Create . if you are already the registered member, skip this step.


Secondly, you come back to affiliate navigation and click "sign up today" .After filling out our application form and activate the account, you can start right now. We'll send you an Email for confirmation.

Note: We only accept Paypal as the Payee account.

Thirdly, click the Affiliate Marketing Tools on the right navigation, you will find the personalized promotional link as below.


There are two optional link generators. One is based on the home page of http://shop.tbsdtv.com. While the deep link generator can be used as the single product promotion. For example, if you want to promotion TBS 6984, you can copy the link(tbs-6984-pcie-dvbs2-quad-tuner-tv-card_p33.html ) and click transform. The unique link of TBS 6984 will be created.