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The card itself has been working rock solid for several months now. Am very happy with it. And, although the software works well, it could be described as set of incomplete components of individual functions. This allows you to test various parts of the system in preparation for a more robust software solution of your own choosing. A great course of action, in my book... "

EnglishDee Jay

Dear Sir, TBS6590 Multi Standard Dual Tuner Dual CI PCI-e Card supports SCR or DCSS LNB?
Best regards "


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TBS5230 is a external TV tuner card with USB2.0 interface, it is capable of receiving digital TV channels of multiple standards: DVB-T2/C2/T/C(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0. Through the USB interface, you can easily plug the...

Price: US$89.00

TBS6209se is a DVB-T2/C2/T/C(J.83A/B/C)/ISDB-T/C /ATSC1.0. TV Octa tuner card with PCI-Express interface, it can be used for watching eight different channels from eight different frequencies simultaneously, and it supports...

Price: US$339.00

TBS6214 ATSC quad modulator PCIe board works as an ATSC signal generator. It supports to be fed with kinds of DVB resource, HDMI videos, IP streams or any other digital resources, and then output ATSC signal in 4 Frequencies....

Price: US$990.00

TBS6704 is an ATSC quad tuner PCIe card for receiving ATSC , 8VSB and Clear QAM cable TV on PC. This quad tuner card allows you to watch and record up to 4 over-the-air (OTA) digital terrestrial/ Clear QAM HD TV channels...

Price: US$199.99