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Could you send me a Kylone license to use with the two boards I just bought?? "

EnglishPassos da Silva

este equipos soporta atras?? es posible que lo vendan con el software astra instalado??
Does this equipment support backwards? is it possible to sell it with the astra software installed?? "


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TBS6304T is a HDMI 4K UHD Video Encoding Card, with 4 HDMI 2.0 input. Each of the HDMI port supports max 3840 x 2160P@60hz input and H.265 & H.264 encoding. It is an ideal device for whom needs to stream lower bit rate video...

Price: US$1,499.00

TBS6304X is a 4K UHD Video HDMI Encoding Card with 4 HDMI inputs, being capable of max 3840 x 2160P@30fps input and H.265 & H.264 encoding. It is an ideal device for whom need to stream lower bit rate video over LAN or WAN...

Price: US$1,290.00

TBS6304SE Quad HD HDMI capture card —— —— Quad HDMI | PCI Express | H.264 Hardware Compression TBS6304SE is the updated version of TBS6304, it's a high and standard definition capture card with quad HDMI 1.4 inputs...

TBS6304 HD HDMI Capture Card comes with HDMI1.4 port, completely supports full HD Video and Audio capture and playback.It provides the highest quality HDMI input, and meets the HDMI 1.4 standard, satisfies the 1080P resolutions...