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TBS2911 DVB IPTV Streaming Server (basic version without DVB Tuner) (The Successor:TBS2951)

Model#: TBS2911

Weight: 4000 g(s)

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TBS2911 DVB IPTV Streaming Server is a Linux based IP streamer powered by Freescale, with DVB tuners integrated, it can receive Live digital TV or radio contents- both FTA (Free to Air) channels and Pay TV (encrypted) channels, and further stream them to the following client devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone , iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Sony Playstation 3.


TBS2911 as a professional streaming server,TBS2911 supports connection with up to 2 DVB PCI Express tuner cards through the tuner bridge board, which allows it to receive a lot more live TV/ radio channels, for example, connected with 2 quad tuner cards, it can receive a large number of live TV channels from 8 transponders, it’s ideal for industrial use, especially for IPTV projects based on high performance backend. With the preinstalled DVB software, such as MuMudvb, Tvheadend, DVBlast, szap, tzap ,czap etc., you are ready to build a professional streaming server.


TBS2911 DVB IPTV Streaming Server provides an open solution with flexibility and variety as well, DVB-S2 tuner, DVB-T2/T tuner, or DVB-C tuner are available for you to choose to build your IPTV streaming server, with or without CI function is entirely up to you.

SoC: Freescale MCIMX6Q5EYM10AC
CPU: Quad ARM Cortex-A9 at 1.0GHz
GPU: Vivante GC2000, Quad core GPU, Quad IPU
Flash: 16G EMMC

2x USB 2.0
1x SATA port
1x HDMI port
Ethernet: 100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet
Wifi: 802.11n
Protocol: HTTP, UDP, RTP, TCP
OS: Linux
2x PCI-E 2.0 (internal)


Power supply: 12V 4A
Dimensions: 350*210*44.5mm

Preinstalled software:

Tvheadend, VDR, Mumudvb, DVBlast, szap-s2,
telnet, ssh, ftp, samba, oscam

Client end support:
PC: Windows, Linux, Mac
Tablet: Android, iOS
Smartphone: Android, iOS

DVB tuner support:
DVB-S2/S: up to 8 tuners
DVB-T2/T: up to 8 tuners
DVB-C: up to 8 tuners

Package contents:
1x TBS2911 DVB IPTV Streaming Server
1x Power cable
1x Network cable
1x Wifi antenna
1x Mounting bracket set

Note: TBS2911 can have up to 2 DVB tuner cards connected inside, you can choose 2 cards from the table below, here we offer only a few popular combinations of DVB tuner cards, if you need other combinations, please contact us.

Which DVB tuner card to use

PCIe Tuner TBS2923 TBS2911
+ DVB-S2 Tuner TBS6922SE yes yes
TBS6925 yes yes
TBS6982 yes yes
TBS6983 yes yes
TBS6905 yes yes
TBS6928 yes yes
TBS6928SE yes yes
TBS6991SE yes yes
+ DVB-T2/T/C Tuner TBS6221 yes yes
TBS6281 yes yes
TBS6205 yes yes
TBS6290 yes yes
+ DVB-C Tuner TBS6618 yes yes
TBS6680 yes yes

-step 1. choose DVB standard:

-You need to know what DVB standard(s) can be used in your region, for example, if you are located in Germany, you can use DVB-S2 for satellite TV, if you live in the UK, you probably want to use DVB-T2/T for terrestrial TV (Freeview).

--step 2. choose a tuner card:

-After you decide for a DVB standard, for example DVB-S2, there are a few cards to choose from – single, dual or quad tuner card, tuner card with or without CI slot. If you are going to build a streaming server system and need encrypted TV channels, it’s recommended to use the dual tuner dual CI card TBS6991SE. If you need only FTA (free to air) channels, you can use the TBS6991SE, TBS6982 or TBS6905.