How to Watch Freesat Channel4 HD on PC

By | August 19, 2011

Freesat Channel4 TV available on Freeview HD

Although not officially available on Freesat HD satellite receivers, Channel 4 HD has been available free to air for a few month now. So even though it has not been given a channel number on the Freesat HD channel list, it can still be watching. For most freesat receivers you will have to enter “non Freesat mode” on your receiver and scan “Frequency 12.606, Polarisation v, Symbol Rate 27500,FEC 3/4”

On some Freesat viewing card, like the TBS 5922, you may also have to change the Modulation to QPSK, and Transmission to DVB-S2。When performing the scan the channel may not appear as “Channel 4 HD”, but as a number. Until C4 HD officially launches on Freesat, expected later in April according to reports, then you will be able to watch watch channel 4 live online by using this channel in “non freesat mode”.

How to Watch Freesat Channel 4 HD on PC

Here is the procedure of how to use TBS 5922 DVB s2 USB TV box to watch Freesat channels 4HD on PC.

Install the TBS 5922 software on your PC.

Step1: Install the driver of TBS 5922

Usually, the driver package comes with the TV tuner box. Run the CD, the computer will find the new hardware, and then Found New Hardware wizard window will display. According to PC’s operating system, click “Install Driver forWin7” (e.g.) and click “Next” until the installation is completed.

Step2:  Install TBSviewer

we just take TBSviewer as example, you can also use other DVB applications(progdvb, Dvbdream, window media center, MythTV,Media portable etc). Click “Install TBSviewer” from CD auto-run to start installation, click “Next” until installation is completed.Double click the icon “TBSViewer” to launch TBSviewer, and then right-click to choose the “Options” item.

If TBS 5922 device is well installed in the computer, you can see “TBS 5922 DVB-S2 QBOX” on a window as follows.

Step 3: Scanning Channels and Watching Freesat Channels 4 HD

After running TBSviewer on PC, you can click the right bottom to choose “Channel scan”. The windows of “Scan channels” will pop up. You can select existing satellite transponders list from the scroll down menu. Then set up the DiseqC, LNB LOF1, LOF2 and LOF SW, input transponder Frequency range here and start scan by frequency or by range. If you don’t use any Diseqc, just choose “None”. And if you do use Diseqc, please choose the correct Diseqc type. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, The freesat channel 4 was in  “Frequency 12.606, Polarisation v, Symbol Rate 27500,FEC 3/4” .You can copy this data to the scanning list. More detail information about the satellite, you can click .

After “Scan channels” is completed, the found program numbers will be shown and the program list will be automatically saved. You can close the “Scan channels” window.

The next you just need to click the mouse to the right hand side of the TBSViewer main window, and a channel list window will appear. You can double click the channel list and watching live Freesat channel 4 in a perfect HD quality.
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