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By | April 27, 2011

Freesat is a digital TV service from the BBC and ITV which broadcasts HD programming via satellites in United Kingdom. The service was marketed from 6 May 2008 and offers a satellite alternative to the Freeview service on digital terrestrial television, with a selection of channels available and without subscription for users purchasing a digital TV receiver. The service also makes use of the additional capacity available on digital satellite broadcasting to offer a selection of high-definition programming from the BBC and ITV.

As far as we are concerned, most areas of the UK can receive terrestrial Freeview or will be able to get Freeview by 2012. But for those who can’t, one very good alternative is Freesat installation, offering high definition viewing with no monthly charges or contract. You can also use it to pause, rewind and record your favorite TV shows. That‘s mean freesat might be played as a digital video recorder, which can capture the HDTV programming for every household in UK.

In order to receive Freesat, you need a PC TV box and dish network installed, but once these are done there is no additional cost. No subscription fees .A Freesat dish is installed which needs a clear line of sight to the satellite and in rare case trees or buildings may hinder the signal. With Freesat there are literally hundreds of channels to choose from as opposed to Freeview which is currently under 100. It is also possible to get BBC iPlayer direct to the TV meaning that almost any show from the previous seven days can be watched at any time. European satellites installations can pick up signals from other European countries, including many foreign language channels. Currently, Freesat offers a line-up of 173 television, radio and text channels. It is reported that more and more HD channels would be added in the near future.

There were two types of Freesat digital TV receivers available —standard definition-only receivers and high definition-capable receivers. As of July 2010 there are eleven companies licensed to produce Freesat boxes and televisions. Humax launched a Freesat digital TV recorder, Freesat+, which became available to the public in November 2008, and which received reviews.

Freesat broadcasts from the same fleet of satellites as Sky. Most of the channels are broadcast using DVB-S or DVB S2. As estimated, most of the channels will be replaced via using DVB S2 receiver. The Freesat electronic programme guide is broadcast from the Eurobird 1 satellite situated at 28.5° east. Freesat’s role is not broadcasting or availability of channels (although the BBC and ITV are substantial broadcasters in their own right) but instead providing a platform for receiving the channels and the EPG.Standard definition channels are broadcast using MPEG-2, while high definition channels are broadcast using MPEG-4. Currently BBC One HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD use DVB-S rather than DVB-S2. Since the channels are broadcast in-the-clear, they can also be received by non-Freesat receivers and, most commonly, Sky Digiboxes. Of course, you can also watch satellite TV on PC easily with Freesat!

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