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The change mode tool of TBS6528 mulsti standard TV Tuner CI PCI-e Card has updated to V1002

Dear All, Nice day for you guys! I’m glad to tell you that the change mode tool of TBS6528 multi-standard TV tuner PCI-e card has updated to V1002, which has fixed some bugs! The newest change mode tool of TBS6528 TBS6528 Windows Driver TBS6528 is a PCI Express TV tuner card that supports multiple… Read More »

How to Set a Twin LNB to two Satellites?

Twin LNB also called Dual LNB, is a low noise block downcoverter that contains two satellite transmission receiving modules in a single enclosure. The Dual LNB is designed to receive two separate satellite signals from the overhead satellite’s transponders and transmit them to a waiting satellite receiver. The switching between the two satellites is handled… Read More »

How Does a DiSEqC Switch Work?

What is  DiSEqC Switch? Satellite dishes have flashlight-shaped attachments known as LNBs. The LNB receives the satellite signal, much like an antenna receives an over-the-air broadcast, and sends them to your satellite receiver to be displayed on your television. Each satellite service needs a dedicated LNB. If you use multiple satellite services, such as both… Read More »

Satellite Quad LNB -Send Your Satellite Signals to Four Receiver Boxes

With the popularity of Freesat, it is becoming harder and harder to manage with a single LNB(or Low Noise Block Converter). Usually, a standard satellite dish installation comes with a single LNB.  This means that you can only watch one channel or record one channel but not do both at the same time.  You could… Read More »

How to choose correctly DiSeqC Switch and MultiSwitch?

This article has two parts, from it, you’ll have a more clear understanding of DiSEqC and Multi-Switch. Part1: What’s DiSEqC Switch and MultiSwitch? DiSEqC(Digital Satellite Equipment Control),pronounced “Die-Sec”, is a special communication protocol for use between a satellite receiver and a device such as a multi-dish switch or a small[1] dish antenna rotor. DiSEqC was… Read More »