How to watch DVB S/S2 TV channels with DVB-S2 TV Card receiver

By | May 20, 2011

DVB-S2 is a digital satellite transmission system developed by the DVB Project. Satellite transmission was the first area addressed by the DVB Project in 1993 and DVB standards form the basis of most satellite DTV services around the world today, and therefore of most digital TV in general. It makes use of the latest modulation and coding techniques to deliver performance that approaches the theoretical limit for such systems. DVB-S2 will not replace DVB-S in the short or even the medium term, but makes possible the delivery of services that could never have been delivered using DVB-S.

The world’s first digital satellite TV services were launched in Thailand and South Africa at the end of 1994 and both used the newly released DVB-S system. Now it has become the most popular system for the delivery of digital satellite television, with more than 100 million receivers deployed around the world. With the system being more than 10 years old, the industry eventually decided the time was right to update.

DVB-S2 is envisaged for broadcast services including standard and HDTV, interactive services including Internet access, and (professional) data content distribution. The development of DVB-S2 coincided with the introduction of HDTV and H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video codecs.

What is DVB-S2 TV Card receiver

The DVB TV card including DVB-S card and DVB-S2 card are designed for receiving, decoding and displaying DVB (Digital Video Broadcasts) transmitted via satellite for people to watch digital TV on a standard Personal Computer. They include a hardware MPEG decoder and a composite video output, so the digital TV program can be displayed both on the PC monitor and an external TV set.

Compared to the DVB-S card receiver, two new key features of DVB-S2 card that were added are:

* DVB-S2 card has a more powerful coding scheme based on a modern LDPC code.
* DVB-S2 card also support VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation) and ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) modes, which allow optimizing bandwidth utilization by dynamically changing transmission parameters.

Other features of the new generation of DVB card include enhanced modulation schemes up to 32APSK, additional code rates, and the introduction of a generic transport mechanism for IP packet data including MPEG-4 audio–video streams, while supporting backward compatibility with existing MPEG-2 TS based transmission.

The standard document claims that the DVB-S2 card performance gain over DVB-S card is around 30% at the same satellite transponder bandwidth and emitted signal power. When the contribution of improvements in video compression is added, an (MPEG-4 AVC) HDTV service can now be delivered in the same capacity that supported an early DVB-S card based MPEG-2 SDTV service only a decade before.

How to watch dvb-s2 satellite TV with DVB S2 receiver card

1. Choose a DVB S2 receiver that will work with your computer. There are two basic types: a PCI/PCI-E (PCI Express, it’s a computer expansion card standard designed to replace the older PCI bus standards.) card that is internally installed and an external Tuner Card with a USB plug. Get a card that receives HD satellite signals (though a basic analog Tuner Card can still work).

2. Install the dvb s2 reciver card to your computer.

3. Connect your satellite receiver box to the computer through the Tuner Card. The card will have an RF coaxial and/or RCA composite ports. Disconnect the receiver box’s output from your TV and connect it to the card with a coaxial or RCA cable.

4. Turn the computer on. You will likely get a pop-up for the new hardware you installed. Insert the CD-ROM that came with the card and run the enclosed software. This will install the drivers needed for your operating system to run the card.

5. Start up the TV Tuner program, which you installed in the CD software’s last step. If your satellite TV antenna is working and the cable is properly connected, the satellite TV broadcast will appear on the program’s screen. After all process finished, you can watch satellite TV channels on your pc.

Compatibility list of DVB-S, DVB-S2 cards manufactures:
TBS 6981(dual tuner card)

TBS Q-Box 3(usb tuner card)

Anysee (E30S Plus, etc)

AverMedia DVB-S



Compro VideoMate DVB-S



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