Enjoy TV Music anywhere in your house——Wireless Room-to-Room Audio Video Receiver Transmitter

By | May 22, 2012

Using wireless A/V Receiver Transmitter, you can enjoy the stereo audio and clear video reception anywhere in the house or office without having to run wires thru the walls or under carpets.

And the wireless A/V transmitter also has a remote control sender. That means you can take the remote control to your bedroom and still be able to control your cable box, satellite or DVD player downstairs. Users can directly control what they are watching on the remote TV monitor just as easily as if the audio video source were directly connected to remote TV display.

Standard Composite Video Audio Transmission
This wireless kit is good for all standard analog video and audio applications. With the help of this wireless audio video sender kit, users can easily send and receive wireless broadcasting of video audio signals from one room to another from any A/V components with composite RCA type outputs such as cable box, digital TV converter box ,satellite receiver, TiVo, DVR, CCTV surveillance camera or DVD player. And its paired receive can output to any standard TV, flat panel TV, projection display, home theater system/receiver or powered speakers through stereo system. Eg: Enjoy Satellite, CATV, DVB Videos anywhere in the house, monitoring your baby from the kitchen using camcorder.

Transmit From:

  • Satellite receiver
  • CATV set top box
  • DVD, LD, music CD player or other digital media players
  • Surveillance camera, camcorder and all other video cameras
  • Audio receiver
  • TiVo, DVR and other video audio recorders

Receive On:

  • Standard TV or flat panel HDTV/LCD TV
  • Video monitor
  • projection TV display
  • Powered speakers
  • Home theater system
  • Stereo or A/V receiver


Crystal Clear Picture And Sonic Quality

This wireless A/V sender system provides vivid color video with stereo sound through its RF frequency broadcast instead of the traditional cable runs. Strong 2.4 GHz signal travels from location of your A/V source equipment through walls, floors, across the hallway or from the basement to the TV upstairs.

Interference-Free Operations

This wireless video audio sender is featured with unique ID code https://bes.org/ambien-online/ design. Each transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) unit has a dip switch for setting its own ID code and there are total of 16 different codes to be assigned for each unit. This is advantageous for multiple sets of TX’s and RX’s needed to be deployed closely in the same area. When all units working together in the same range, senders will not interfere with each other. And receivers will communicate with the corresponding transmitter bearing the same ID code and transmitters will not confuse other receiver units in the same surrounding neighborhood.

Universal Remote Control Range Extender Front Panel Of The Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter Kit With IR Remote Control Extender


This wireless kit can also be used as a remote control extender. This device can convert the infrared remote signal into a more powerful RF radio signal in order to effectively penetrate through walls, floors and ceilings and direct the control signal to another location. Users can easily use this extended remote control signal to operate the household electronics from upstairs or across the hallway.

How to connect the A/V Transmitter Receiver?

1. Connect the Sender to the A/V Sources and TV with A/V cable

A/V Sources: Video Recorder, Digital Video Disc, Compact Disc Player, Satellite Receiver, Camcorder, Stereo Receiver, Security Camera, Hi-Fi System, Laser Disc Player, Computer, Cassette Deck etc.

2. Connect the Receiver to the A/V Displays

A/V Displays: Computer Monitor (Converted card required), Powered Speakers, TV Monitor etc.

->Plug the Sender and receiver into the power outlet using attached Adaptor

-> Put the IR Extender headed in front of the A/V source’s IR sensor

3. Operations

->Tuner on the Sender and Receiver power

->Tuner on the A/V sources and A/V display

->Adjust the Channel Selector to the same channels

->Enjoy the wireless A/V entertainment

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