How to Use Wireless IR Remote Control Extender

By | May 3, 2012

Thank you for purchasing your Wireless IR Remote Extender from BUYDVB Online Store. Please read this user’s guide before installing, setting up and using your new extender.

What’s Included
RF transmitter,RF receiver,AC power adapters and IR extender


There are two means to make your source A/V equipment can be controlled well by existing remote control through IR remote control extender

  • To orient the receiver unit(401T) face to face the source A/V equipment, this would allow the converted IR signal which from receive IR remote control window be able to send to the source A/V equipment from panel.
  • Simply connect an IR extender accessory from receiver and locate this IR extender accessory near the source A/V equipment from panel.

Occasionally it may be difficult to even impossible to orient the receiver unit such that it can be seen (means face to face)by the A/V equipment you wish to control. Or perhaps you wish to remotely control A/V equipment’s in different location without re-orienting the receiver, in this case,, to use in extender accessory will be more convenient.

How to Use the IR Extender Accessory

The IR extender accessory was connected to the receiver through its own special connector plug. The extender accessory emits an IR signal, bathing your AV equipment with the remote signal. To use the IR extender accessory, follow the instruction below.

  • Plug the IR extender into the transmitter in rear panel
  • Orient the end of the IR extender so that it points in the general direction of the IR Sensors of the source AV equipment you wish to be controlled. Cut a length of provided fastener strip to secure the IR extender, which is always in its position.
  • Position the receiver so that your remote control signal can strike the IR window on the bottom front of the unit. To use your remote control, point it at the front of the receiver.


Troubleshooting, Care and Maintenance

Please read this User’s manual carefully and follow the steps described in it, If you still have difficulties, consult the following table. It will guide you through the most common problems and their solutions.


  Problem   Possible Solution
Remote control
extender does not
  1. Check the path between the receiver and the audio/video source and clear any obstructions.
  2. Check to see if the IR window on the top front of the receiver is blocked
  3. Make sure IR extender accessory is properly rotated in the A/V equipment you wish to control。(see section on “ how to use the IR remote control extender” in this manual
  4. Adjust remote control antennas

Note: Clean the outside plastic packaging with a soft cloth lightly moistened with mild soap and water, never use any abrasive scouring powder or solvent.





Remote control range 50m clear line of sight
433MHz antenna External External
Transmit power OdBm/FCC,10dBm/CE
Sensitivity -75dBm minimum
Operating condition Indoor usage recommend Indoor usage recommend
Remote control frequency 433.92MHz 433.92MHz
IR carrier frequency 38KHz 32~38KHz
Operating Temperature -10℃~+60℃ –10℃~+60℃
Power Supply 12Volt DC,100mA 12Volt DC,100mA
Weight Approx 40g Approx 45g

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