2.4GHz Wireless AV Sender User’s Manual Introduction

By | May 21, 2012

1.Overview of 2.4GHz Wireless AV Sender

Magic Audio/Video System uses the latest wireless technology to send stereo audio and video pictures around your home. Watch your favorite TV programs or listen to Hi-Fi quality stereo sound in any part of your home without the need to run extension cables.

Main features of the Wireless Audio Video Sender:

  • 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with 4 selectable channels(DipSwitch)
  • Transmit the crisp Audio/Video signal with radio frequency
  • Compact size
  • Antenna(2.4GHz) are embedded into housing inside
  • Remote control the A/V source with IR Extender
  • Compatible with Camcorder or CMOS camera application
  • Low power consumption
  • NTSC/PAL video format available

2.Check Package before Use

One unit of Sender

The Sender emits Audio and Video signals over 2.4GHz radio frequency carrier and receivers UHF remote control signal from the Receiver.

One unit of receiver

The Receiver receives 2.4GHz wireless Audio and Video signals from the Sender and sends UHF remote control signal to the Sender.

Two units of Audio Video (A/V) cables are used to connect the Sender and the Receiver to you’re a/V devices.

Two units of Power Adaptors

These power adaptors supply DC power to the Sender and the Receiver.

Note: If any accessories listed above are missing,contact the sales representative where you purchase this A/V System.


Sender & Receiver

These two pairs of cables

3.How to connect?

  1. Connect the Sender to the A/V Sources and TV with A/V cable

A/V Sources: Video Recorder, Digital Video Disc, Compact Disc Player, Satellite Receiver, Camcorder, Stereo Receiver, Security Camera, Hi-Fi System, Laser Disc Player, Computer, Cassette Deck etc.

2.Connect the Receiver to the A/V Displays

A/V Displays: Computer Monitor (Converted card required), Powered Speakers, TV Monitor etc.

2.1   Plug the Sender and receiver into the power outlet using attached Adaptor

2.2   Put the IR Extender headed in front of the A/V source’s IR sensor


  • Tuner on the Sender and Receiver power
  • Tuner on the A/V sources and A/V display
  • Adjust the Channel Selector to the same channels
  • Enjoy the wireless A/V entertainment

5.Trouble Shooting

Please read this user manual carefully before using the A/V system. If you still have difficulties to use the A/V system consult the following syndrome, which will guide you to solve most common problems.

  No Picture or Sound

–Check the adaptor rightly connected.

–Power ON/OFF switch is in right position.

–Check all the cables well and rightly connected.

  Interference in the Image and Sound

–Move your Sender or Receiver slowly to find a best reception position for you’re a/V system.

–Shorten the distance between your Sender and Receiver

–Check if there is any interference radio frequency source such as microwave oven.

If there is any interference radio frequency source near your Receiver,try to swith your channel to get a best performance.

  Remote Control Function does not work

–Check if the Remote Control is out of battery.

–Make sure your Remote Control is able to align the Receiver IR window.

–Make sure the distance between your remote control & Receiver window; Receiver & Sender are within the valid range.

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