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TBS6528 Multi Standard Tv Tuner Common Interface (CI) PCI-e Card,DVB-S2/S, DVB-T2/T,DVB-C2/C, DVB-S2X and ISDB-T

Model#: TBS6528

Weight: 350 g(s)
Ship From: China
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TBS6528 is a PCI Express TV tuner card that supports multiple digital TV standards, including DVB-S2/S, DVB-T2/T,DVB-C2/C, DVB-S2X and ISDB-T. It is built with Common Interface which allows insertion of CAM and smartcard for pay TV, so it is a good choice for watching/recording digital cable HD TV on PC. What's more, with this multi-standard TV tuner card, a switchover between different digital TV signals is much easier, you just need to plug another signal cable instead of taking out the card from your server.

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Main Features:
Multi-standard tuner card
Watch & record satellite TV/ radio programs on PC
Common Interface (Single CI) Support
Fast scanning functionality for all media, including efficient blind scan for satellite and cable
Flexible tuner interface
Low power cunsumption: Automatic spectral inversion detection for all media

Data receiving
IPTV streaming
Media monitoring
Digital content distribution


ISDB-T 6,7 and 8 MHz bandwidth
Partial reception supported
Carrier recovery:±600 kHz
Timing recovery:±200 ppm
DVB-T2 and T2-Lite Bandwidth: 1.7, 5, 6, 7 or 8 MHz
DVB-T2 versus DVB-T automatic detection
Carrier recovery: ±600 kHz
Timing recovery: ±200 ppm
DVB-T Bandwidth: 6, 7, 8 MHz
Carrier recovery: ±600 kHz
Timing recovery: ±200 ppm
Supports all C.R.; G.I.;LP and HP streams
Advanced terrestrial channel equalizer
DVB-C2 Notch management
Timing recovery:±200 ppm
Advanced cable channel equalizer
DVB-C DFE equalizer specific for cable network
Carrier recovery: ±11% of Symbol rate
Timing recovery: ±1000 ppm
DVB-S/S2/S2X Enhanced immunity to co-channel interferers
Programmable carrier recovery range
Timing recovery: ±1000 ppm
Power consumption
Input/Power 12V/15W(Max)
temperature 0°~ 60°


Other information:

System Requirements Windows XP / Vista/ 7/8/10, Linux
Available PCI Express x1, x4, x8 or x16 slot
Digital TV signal (DVB-S2/S/S2X /DVB-T2/T/DVB-C2/C/ISDB-T)
TV tuner card size 140mm*93mm
Net weight 93Gram
Gift Box Size 200*130*30mm
Weight 191Gram
Package Contents 1 x TBS6528
1x DC line
1x IEC Connector