Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2011-Happy Father’s Day

By | June 16, 2011

Father’s Day 2011 is on 19th of June. It’s the best time to honor your father and let him know you are care about him. Father will be very please if you pay attention to what they really like and prepare the gifts that are meaningful at this special day, such as something he needed or just a grill dinner, a greeting card.

happy father's day

Unique Father’s Day Gift:

It is important that fathers are honored in a special way. Try to make a unique Father’s Day gift to surprise “The Hero of Your Family” this year. Telling him how much you care about him. Following are the homemade Father’s Day gift ideas. I hope it helps.

  • Homemade Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Father’s Day is the perfect time to honor your dad, who works hard to raise you up. To tell him in words how special he is for you. Printable cards, homemade cards, and Father’s Day E-cards are all available, just express your true feeling for the hero of family.

  • Cook delicious food for Father

Cook for father, not only to thank father’s contribution to family, but also let him know how much we love him. I think father will be very happy and satisfied, what are you waiting for, guys?

  • I love you Father’s Day Poems

If you can write creatively, write a song or a Father’s Day poem reflecting your feelings for dad. Get it framed with Father’s Day poem on it as a gift for Father’s Day.

  • A Personalized Scrapbook for Father’s Day

One of the most creative and thoughtful gifts is a scrapbook. Make a digital scrapbook and print out to send as an unusual yet practical Father’s Day gift.

Practical Gift that Father Needed:

Concern father from material, buy practical gift for him, even just a hat, a pair of shoes, an electric shaver, it’ll be a surprising to bring happiness to father.

  • Electric Shaver

How about a new electric shaver? Shaved off mustache will make father’s look younger and more handsome.

  • Technology Gifts

Some fathers are more into technology than others, but don’t let that stop you from helping Dad keep up with the changing times. For the fathers who aren’t tech savvy, just make sure your gift has a simple learning curve. How about a key-chain digital camera, a PDA, some blue-tooth accessories, or even an MP3 player?

  • Satellite TV Tuner Card

Give Satellite TV Tuner Card for father who loves watching satellite TV on PC,TBS 6925-a unique satellite TV card will be a best choice, it can receive more and better TV programs than others to rich Dad’s amateur life.

Its main features as follows:

  • 1. DVB-S2/S Transponders Receiving
    2. CCM, VCM and ACM mode support
    3. Support Multiple Transport Stream Receiving
    4. Support Generic Stream capture
    5. Transponders blind scan
    6. Up to 190 Mbit/s channel bit rate capture
    7. Wide range symbol rates support, from 200Ksps to 45Msps
    8. High-speed Data download via Satellite
    9. Windows 7 Media Center compatible
    10.Compatible with Mediaset, Freesat, etc.

At last, wish all Dads’ happy Father’s Day, and have good time everyday!!!

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