Review for TBS 8922 DVB-S2 HD Digital Satellite Tuner PCI Card

By | September 5, 2011

TBS8922 is a TBS latest version of PCI DVB-S2 TV tuner card, which supports to receive and watch HD digital satellite programs (also compatible with Freesat) on the desktop. TBS8922 also fully supports satellite internet connecting and high-speed satellite data downloading. It works great with popular DVB software e.g ProgDVB, DVBDream, and Skygrabber. It is also a kind of Linux supported DVB S2 computer PCI card. Here are TBS 8922 reviews come from our customers.

Supports windows 7 64 bit –Written By Jeffers

Download the latest drivers for windows 7 before installing this PCI card, media centre detects and scans automatically. Great for Freesat, I have two cards installed, picks up BBC HD – but really only rubbish on there at the moment! Download ‘Guidetool’ for easy media centre guide editing of the 1000+ channels available. Best choice for Freesat viewing card.



An excellent dvb s2 pci card- Written By NuancedInsight

Previously had a Twinhan card and although when working it would go blocky and pixellate for no reason most of the times I used it. So in effect the Twinhan was completely useless. The TBS product is much better – reasonably easy to install and it works well with WMC. Managed to identify about 870 channels from the Sky 28.2 / Eurobird 28.5 satellites. Some not watchable as they are scrambled or too weak but a good selection nevertheless. Could tuner into BBC HD and Luxe HD and they displayed on WMC fine. Managed to hack the registry to get ITV HD as per the other reviewer’s instructions, but on this channel the sound only lasted 1 second before cutting out. Googling reveals others have had similar problems but no solution as are as I could see. Anyway the TBS DVB PCI card is an excellent value product and I highly recommend it. And it has lasted nearly a month now and is still working, so appears stable and would definitely recommend this dvb tv card.

Fantastic HD satellite card. Great price!-D. King “Stinga”

I ditched the sky box and plugged the satellite dish into this bad boy. I ended up with around 1000 channels with no realigning of the dish required. I’m using this card with windows 7 and it integrates with windows media center brilliantly. I have all of the freesat channels including BBC HD and with a bit of tweaking I even managed to get ITV HD!!

All you need to do is install the card and download the latest windows 7 drivers from the TBS website. When you launch windows media center, it detects the satellite card and scans for channels. You will get duplicated channels i.e. all of the regional channels for ITV and BBC, but it’s easy to delete and rename channels in the channel guide.

Google “my channel logos” to download a nice little plug in which inserts the channel logos into the channel guide.

ITV HD is usually a “red button” option and is not actually a channel. To view it as a channel you need to edit the registry.

Go to C:\Windows\regedit

Then locate and open fAllowDvbsMHEG and change the value from 0 to 1. It’s located in the path below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\TVConfig

Now go back to your channel guide, locate a channel called 10510 and rename it ITV HD. If you get a blank screen when you select the channel, launch BBC HD first then go back to ITV HD and it should open as normal.

Only cost me £50, so pleasure price! Happy freesat viewing card!

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