How to Use the TSRecorder Tool to receive CCM, VCM and ACM signals

By | June 23, 2011

TBS 6925 is known as a professional PCI-E DVB-S2 TV Tuner Card, featuring VCM, CCM and ACM mode support and Multiple Transport Stream Receiving.

Here are the procedures of how to use the TSRecorder tool to receive DVB-S2 VCM, CCM and ACM signals.

Step 1: Install TSRecorder Tool

After installing the TBS6925’s driver on your computer, please click the “Install TSRecorder Tool”:


Then you can click “Next” until the installation is completed.


Click “Finish”.


Step 2: Use the TSRecorder tool to receive DVB-S2 VCM, ACM and CCM Signals

Here we take the ACM signals for example:

Firstly, run TBS6925 TS Recorder and a small window will pop up as follows:

Use TBS6925-TSrecorder

Then click the tap “Tuner Settings” on the top and input the information in the first blank. And choose “TS” or “GS”for “OutPut Steam”. Click “Lock TP”:

TBS6925 TSRecorder Capture

Then you can choose correct ID in “Input Stream Identity”, and click “Apply” to add the programs to the TBS Viewer player.

TBS6925 TS Capture1

Here are some of  Special ACM signals (and others) that TBS6925 can receive>>

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