How to Use SkyGrabber Download Satellite Data by Digital Satellite TV Tuner card

By | May 30, 2011

Do you still have to keep an online internet connection when you download satellite data? Do you still fret with finding some software which enables you record favorite TV shows offline? If you have a digital satellite tv tuner card, you can use the skygrabber download air (FTA) satellite data (movie, music, pictures) offline. This software can deal with all of your annoying problems. For it has many advantages, I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with it. Take TBS DVB-S2 dual tuner Card 6981 for example, we will teach you how to use skygrabber download via this dvb s tv card.  Before we get started, let’s just have a look: what’s SkyGrabber and what’s TBS DVB-S2 dual tuner Card 6981.

What’s SkyGrabber:

SkyGrabber is offline satellite internet downloader. It accepts free to air (FTA) satellite data (movie, music, pictures) by digital satellite TV tuner card (DVB-S/DVB-S2) and saves information onto a hard disk. SkyGrabber is a hobby for person who accepting free to air satellite data by digital satellite TV tuner card (DVB-S/DVB-S2) from satellite provider. You don’t have to keep an online internet connection. Just customize your digital satellite TV tuner card (DVB-S/DVB-S2) to satellite provider and start accepting free to air data.

What’s TBS DVB-S2 dual tuner Card 6981

TBS DVB-S2 dual tuner Card 6981 is one of the most popular TV tuner card of TBS, with dual tuners design,  you can watch channels from one transponder while recording another channels from another transponder at the same time. So you won’t  never pass your favorite TV shows, movies or a football matches. No matter whether you are online or offline.

What you need

  • 1x computer
  • 1x dish
  • 1x TBS DVB-S2 dual tuner Card 6981
  • SkyGrabber software

How does it work?

Satellite internet is a kind of internet connection and is used mainly in remote areas or in areas where internet access is problematic because of its lack, or slow speed of the high cost of local internet connections. There are often two ways of satellite internet: symmetric satellite internet & asymmetric satellite internet. In a symmetric satellite internet all internet traffic, as the incoming and outgoing transmits through the satellite while In asymmetric satellite internet queries are transmitted by ground connections, and the responses to requests come from the satellite.

Genarally speaking, the satellite transmits data is in one stream. The data are accepted by all who are in the satellite coverage area. In fact, you can set up sat pc card on this satellite and you’ll receive free to air data. But how to get the files? The skygrabber can accept free to air data by TBS 6981 DVB S / S2 TV tuner card, assemble in files and saves files in your hard drive. Please notice that skygrabber cannot support all of the digital tv tuner card. The SkyGrabber uses own media engine that supports the following manufacturers of digital satellite TV tuner cards:

  • DVBWorld
  • Azureware
  • TechniSat
  • TechnoTrend
  • Genitech
  • TeVii
  • GotView

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