How to choose a PC TV Tuner

By | April 20, 2011

Many people would like to watch satellite HDTV on their computers. If you are going  to buy a PC TV tuner, there are several factors to be considered.

1.What kind of computer will it be used with?

Whether you have a laptop or desktop, USB interface TV tuners are available for you. But if you have a PCI or PCIe Tuner, it requires you have a desktop computer. PCI/PCIe Tuner card can only be install in motherboard of desktop computer.

2. What type of DVB-S2/S TV channels do you want to receive?

Many PC TV tuners are only compatible with free to air (FTA) HDTV signal. If you want to watch encrypted channels, you have to have DVB-S2/S PC TV tuner receiver with a CI port, which allows you insert CAM and smart card.

3. What is requirement on your computer system?

If you want to watch MPEG4/H.264 HDTV, here is the based requirement on your computer system for your DVB S2 MPEG4 receiver.

  Windows 2000/XP/Vista Linux

  DirectX9.0 or later Version

  Available PCI slot

  CD-Rom(Driver and Software Installation)

  • Dualcore CPU
  • 1GB RAM or Above
  • Graphic Card with at Least 64MB RAM

4. What system do you use in your computer?

Not all DVB-S2 receivers have excellent support in Linux system. It requires the receiver with good linux system driver, for example, different linux version, like Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse, requires different drive.

5. Do you want to download satellite data?

Not every DVB-S2/S PC TV tuner receive has good support on data downloading. It depends on both hardware and software support. You’d better make a comparision before buying the receiver.

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