How to Use DVB Dream

By | April 21, 2011

What is DVB Dream

DVB Dream is DVB player with many nice and unique features; it supports standards DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, and DVB-T. This program is an easy, simple, yet powerful and user-friendly DVB-Viewer application with various tools and options that make user’s life easier. DVB Dream allows you to see digital satellite TV for PC. In the main window you can see at the center the video window. At the left is the channel list. At the bottom is the channel information about the channel you are watching (level and signal quality, frequency, etc.), volume and mute controls. At the top are some buttons you can open a file recorded, change channels (back and forward), use full screen mode, TV window mode (to watch a channel while working with other applications), open preferences, video settings, record video, use render-less mode, open the scheduler, and electronic program guide. The channel list helps you to see what channels are available, free to air (blue colored), if it is a data channel (green colored), etc.

How to Install and Use DVB Dream

After installing your DVB S2 TV receiver, you can click “Install DVB Dream” to start installation, click “Next” until installation is completed.












To run DVB Dream, check double if TV tuner card device is installed in the computer, Take TBS 6980 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual Tuner Card for example, after installing, you can see “TBS 6980 BDA DVBS/S2 Tuner/Demod” on top of DVB Dream window.











Click “Device” on “Options” menu. You can see TBS model name on the menus. Sometimes, if TV tuner card is not started, you need to choose correct device from the up and down arrow and click “Start” to initialize device. For shifting between different tuner of TBS 6980 TV tuner card, you can click up or down arrow.


DVB-S: TBS 6980 BDA DVBS/S2 A Tuner/Demod = LNB 1

DVB-S: TBS 6980 BDA DVBS/S2 B Tuner/Demod = LNB 2









For setting up satellite and DiSeqc switch, click on “Diseqc” on “Options” menu. If you don’t use any Diseqc, just choose “None”, if you do use Diseqc, choose correct Diseqc type, port and click “Add Satellite”.











Choose correct satellite from scrolling down menu, set up LOF and other parameters.








After Diseqc and LNB setting is completed, click “Scan” or “Manual Scan” on “Channels” menu.








After scanning, Programs in this Transponder or Satellite will be listed, click “Save Channels” to save all the channels available.









Click on the program you want to watch in the channel list to play.









DVB Dream allows links to different Video/Audio codecs, to change Video/Audio codec, click “Video” on “Options” menu. Choose the Video/Audio Codec and Renderer you want to use, and then click “Ok” and “Apply”.









If you’re not using the installation of DVB Dream from CD, you might need to copy the “” file from CD DVB Dream folder to DVB Dream “Devices” can click her download DVB Dream.  DVB dream download


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