Comparison of DVB T USB Receiver and PCI-e DVB T Card

By | August 29, 2011

Time and time again, we receive a mass of questions along the lines of which DVB T card should I buy? Which band of DVB T card is best? etc. Actually there is no single universal answer. It would be foolish for us to say this DVB T card or that DVB t card is best! What is best for you may not be best for someone else.

We believe the only way to determine what best dvb t card is for you are to compare what you expect from a Digital TV tuner device and the budgets you are planning. We have no interest in pushing one particular brand over the other. We want you to make an informed decision, a decision that you will be happy to live with. Accordingly we have developed this page to try an assist you do that.

What is DVB T/T2 card


A DVB T TV Card is not actually for a Television.  DVB T tuner cards are computer component that allows your PC to behave similarly to a normal TV. With a DVB T tuner Card you can watch, record, rewind and pause HD digital Television programmers (such as Freeview SD and HD channels in UK). This is done via your PC, laptop or notebook. You can also watch the digital television HD channels in full screen mode or in a resizable window and Instant replay of your favorite TV via the PCI or USB bus.

IN the beginning the only DVB T Tuner cards are available as external USB devices that you plug into your USB port of your computer. However, now more choices are available, you can buy   PCI or PCI-e DVB T card.


DVB T USB Digital Receiver

There is basically no difference in the performance of USB2 devices (compared to PCI or PCIe DVB T card versions, the choice is usually dependent on whether you wish to have an internal solution (install and forget) with no boxes hanging around the desk top, or you are happy to have device outside your desktop, but with the advantage of being able to use them with a notebook or move them easily to another PC without having to open up your PC case, the external DVB USB receiver would be a great choice.


DVB T USB Digital Receiver with Single Tuner – External Solution

* Tubestick USB DVB-T Receiver – Digital only USB2 device, good tuner with Windows and Mac support

* AzureWave USB Hybrid –  Hybrid (Digital or Analogue) USB2 device supports Digital, Analogue/FM and AV input

* Dabby (DVB-T/FM/DAB+) – Digital Audio Broadcasting USB2 device, also supporting Digital TV and FM radio.


PCIe DVB T card with One tuner or Dual Tuner

Dual tuner of course! With prices of dual tuners now so low, a dual tuner is the way to go, as it will allow you to watch one channel, while record another or record two at the same time. You should, however, note that If you are in a weak signal area, you may want to consider single tuners (eg TBS 6220 or TechniSat AisrTar 2) instead of multiple tuner solutions with one RF input, as these share the signal internally, across the tuners, and may require a better signal than single tuner devices.

Internal DVB T/T2 card with Single tuner – internal solution

* TBS 6220- Low profile DVB card supports Digital Freeview TV and FM Radio with DVB T/T2 signal

* TechniSat AirStar 2 – Full height card, Digital TV only – especially suited for Linux and Media Center users,

Internal DVB T/T2 card with Dual Tuner – Internal Solution

* TBS 6280 PCI-e DVB T2 dual tuner card- supports watching or recording two different Freeview HD  channels. Ideal for inux and Media Center users,

* DNTV Dual Hybrid (7164) PCIe – Dual Digital/Analogue and FM radio card. Digital/Analogue support with both tuners and FM Radio, Hardware encoders for analogue capture, including Component Video capture..

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