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Moi Pro AMD with OpenElec TBS builds

Official OpenELEC distro: [Beta] OpenELEC 5.95.3 (x86_64) | Generic 64 bit Build TBS Driver upgrade image: 6.0 Beta 3 | OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0.b3-TBS-1.0.tar Download Link : Main features: Kodi 15.0 Isengard Beta 3; Video Skip Steps (skip backwards and forwards); remote Power button Suspends and Wakes the machine; serves as a digital video recorder, waking to record and suspending when complete. It’s reliable… Read More »

Use computer to watch cable TV

Watching cable television on your computer has been easier with the creation of dvb-c PC TV tuners and television software. You connect the TV tuner device either internally or externally on your computer system. These cable TV tuners or “TV cards” work the same way that a standard TV antenna does. The equipment receives broadcast… Read More »

How to use TBS Reach Box 3600 to share computer content/videos to HDTV devices

About TBS Reach Box 3600: TBS Reach Box 3600 wirelessly streams video and Internet content to your HDTV in full 1080p resolution. With it, you can enjoy your home computer content and stream movies from sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Boxee, iTunes and YouTube from the comfort of your own living room without… Read More »

User Manual for TBS6928 & TBS5980 On DVBDream

  Introduction TBS6928 is a PCI-Express interface DVB-S2 TV Tuner CI Card which supports watching digital satellite TV or downloading data from satellite on your computer. The CI slot on the board allows CAM insertion for watching payTV channels. While TBS5980 is DVB S2 USB TV Tuner Box with CI and CAMs. It is aslo equipped with a CAM (Conditional Access Module)… Read More »

User Manual for TBS6928 & TBS5980 On TBSviewer

1. Introduction TBS has developed two new DVB S2 Cards with CI and CAM interface. One is with USB interface while another is with PCI express interface. TBS5980 USB DVB-S2 TV Q-Box CI is one of our latest products for watching and recording digital satellite TV on PC. It is equipped with a CAM (Conditional… Read More »

Tutorial -Setting Up NewCS / Oscam on W7MC for Foxtel Satellite Pay TV

Here are the tutorial on how to setup NewCS or Oscam on Window 7 media center for watching Australia Foxtel  satellite PAY TV. Component List Motherboard with onboard COM port. Ensure it has enough PCI and PCIe slots to accommodate for all your hardware. There are plenty around with onboard HDMI. Using the onboard frees… Read More »