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By | May 5, 2011

Digital TV for PC is an application that provides a window to TV stations worldwide. When using Digital TV for PC, you may search through hundreds of channels from all over the world, in every language for free.


Most of Digital TV for PC is designed to deliver hundreds of TV channels to a PC with nothing more than high-speed Internet access and the application. In addition to Digital TV, a Digital hdtv receiver is included and is designed to deliver hundreds of music stations. The overall quality of TV stations that were received successfully was high. Most of them are DVB S2 receiver, which arewidely accepted by the western countries.While Digital TV for PC gathers a variety of TV channels into a single view, you might install an external TV tuner card to watch a channel. Some stations were never available to watch while others were restricted. You might buy a phoenix card programmer to encrypt the pay TVS. Of course, it is not legitimate in common sense.

Installation & Setup

Installation of Digital TV for PC was quick and easy. Some of them are internal TV tuner while some are external TV card. It depend on your computer is laptop or desktop. After the initial installation and launch of the digital TV record, you will be performed an Internet update of the channel list. After the update was complete, you can restart the computer and setup the drivers.

Sometimes, some initial installation of Digital TV for PC didn’t require a reboot, but a channel update did. The installation program didn’t install DVBdream automatically, nor did it inform you that DVBdream was a requirement for you to reach all of channels. There are many media player chosen from. It depends what kind of TV tuner card you are using.

Product Features

Digital TV for PC can be played in both full screen or within the application window. Full screen mode reduces the quality on a large monitor, but from a distance it’s bearable. Some tv tuner cards have attached with a remote control. It makes you watch the satellite TV at easeYou can save channels to your favorites list and even create Favorite groups to speed up the location of particular channels. Local U.S. channels are available from some markets and it will broadcast their local stations in the near future. A search option is included to help you find a particular channel or show if you know exactly what you are looking for.


Digital TV for PC installed and operated quickly. There were not any significant performance issues on computer, which was running Windows XP or Linux system .Digital TV for PC has a data buffering feature (similar to most online media applications) so even if you were to experience a lag in your Internet connection, the TV should not be impacted. This buffering feature did slow down the startup of every channel I selected, but it’s a nice feature to have.

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