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Review: TBS5280 USB DVB-T2/T Dual Tuner TV Box

TBS, a professional PC TV card manufacturer, has released a new USB DVB T2 tuner box. This is a dual tuner USB TV box which is compatible with the advanced DVB T2 transmission technology being used for Freeview HD in UK, or Italy, Sweden and many other European countries. This DVB T2 USB TV box… Read More »

TBS Announce PCIe DVB-T/DVB-T2 Quad Tuner Card– the TBS 6284

TBS Technology company announce to release a new TBS 6284 PCI-E DVBT/T2 quad tuner card at the end of October.It is estimated to see this card  no later than 25th October, 2011. TBS 6284 is a quad DVB-T and DVB-T2 tuner  which will enable you to record 4 Freeview HD simultaneously in the form of… Read More »

TBS 6280-Freeview HD Twin Tuner Card

TBS 6280 DVB T2 PCIe Dual Tuner Card is the world’s premium multi-channel tuner, digital demodulator, intelligent remote PCI-express PCTV product. The DVB T2 TV card is capable of receiving standard and high definition digital broadcast program content, including the new UK Freeview SD and HD channels. It is designed to transform a personal computer… Read More »

Freeview in New Zealand

What is Freeview Freeview is a non-profit service providing free-to-air digital television and digital radio to New Zealand. The organization is a joint venture between the country’s major broadcasters – Television New Zealand, TVWorks (owners of TV3, FOUR and C4), M?ori Television, and Radio New Zealand. The Freeview service consists of a high definition digital… Read More »