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TBS Linux Driver is updated to v160919.

Dear All, Here comes a breaking news for your guys:  TBS Linux Driver is updated to v160919, which has fixed kernel 4.7 compile error. You can download on the following links Any feedback would be much appreciated. We would like to hear your voice and make first-class digital TV tuner cards / USB box, live IPTV… Read More »

Updated News: TBS Linux Driver is updated to V160630

Dear all, Here comes an updated news for you: TBS Linux Driver is updated to v160630., which added kernel 4.6 support , fixed the following issues: * fixed issues of some new CAM module can not initialize * fixed some small bugs You can download the newest TBS Linux Driver on the following link:… Read More »

TBS2603 the first H.265 / H.264 professional encoder

  Shenzhen Turbosight Technology Ltd. TBS2603 TBS2603 HD H.264/H.265 HDMI Video Encoder TBS2063 professional H.265 HDMI encoder is our newest HD audio & video encoding device with powerful functionality. It supports 1 channel HDMI stream of H.264/H.265 encoding output and the AAC, Mp3 audio format. From any HDMI input source, it generates an H.264/H.265-encoded stream… Read More »

Guide for using sasc-ng to read smartcard on Linux Ubuntu (TBS card + phoenix card reader TBS3102)

This tutorial is only about running sasc-ng to use your phoenix reader with channels that you have paid for (it will not work if you didnt buy subscryption or channels are not ones subscribed – u must have reader and card inserted). I have got flustrated that in all network there is some cccam or… Read More »

How to install TBS6981 DVB-S2 Dual tuner card on Linux Ubuntu 11.04 ?

Most TBS digital TV tuner cards/boxes have very good up to date Linux driver support, Although TBS provides read me doc in the Linux driver package, still many people could have question about how to install TBS6981 on Linux Ubuntu. Here is a simple ‘how to’ for you – follows these step-by-step guide you should… Read More »

How to Run TBS 6925 Digital Tuner card on Linux and Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux is a great basis for a general purpose MythTV Media Centre and has the latest version of MythTV (0.22) ready to install from its DVB software repositories. This guide shows you how to get MythTV working for free-to-air digital satellite channels in the UK with the new TBS 6925 card. However, much of… Read More »

How to Use TBS6925 watch satellite TV with XBMC and MythTV

To watch satellite TV on your PC with XBMC and MythTV, you’ll need at least one satellite TV tuner card or a satellite provider that offers satellite IPTV access. That Linux TV card hardware doesn’t have to be installed on the same computer on which you want to watch HDTV. We’ll call the computer with… Read More »