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I have tried to use this tuner in DVB-C mode (installing the latest driver from the site) through DVB Viewer but all the channels seemed to be encrypted and even the CAM menu was unavailable. When I installed ProgDVB, the CAM menu and the message \"CAM module is inserted\" appeared there but all the channels were shown as encrypted, like in DVB Viewer. After that I reinstalled my CAM module and TV cable to my old TechniSAT DVB-C tuner and everything works OK there, as before. What is a problem?

And one more issue. On the supplied CD the file DVBDreamDVBDREAM_SETUP.EXE//data0258 is recognized by Kaspersky Antivirus as Backdoor.Win32.Hupigon.sqbq trojan programme. "

EnglishRoman Sinelnikov

Hi I have purchased recently this tuner and seems to be a problem with it . It would not recognise or have any signal from frequency that is higher then 700mhz only can use 4 transponders that are only up to 700mhz .
What is the solution to use the other 4 transponder.
Thank you "


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