Tech Review: TBS 5980 DVBS2 Qbox CI

By | May 11, 2011

With the coming of the computer, most of people are trending to watch online internet TV or satellite TV on their personal computer. Online free TV is easy with Hulu and Boxee and only a small monthly fee is needed to get Netflix, Hulu Plus, PlayOn and similar services. However, if you want to watch over hundreds of free over the air channels, you might attach an antenna to a TV tuner card which enables connect your PC or Mac with the right software and drivers.

One such USB TV tuner card is TBS 5980 USB DVBS2 Qbox CI. The TBS 5980 DVB S2 Qbox CI is a basic USB TV tuner that allows you to watch free over-the-air high definition DVB S/S2 digital broadcasts on a computer. TBS 5980 appears to be pitching its product primarily at Mac users. Because TBS Qbox CI works seamlessly with Windows Media Center under Windows 7, so if you’re putting together a media PC this could be an ideal solution. It also supports DVBDream, DVBViewer, DVBlogic, ProgDVB, Skynet, TSreader.,TBS viewer. It is the best window 7 tv tuner card in the recent market. With the hardworking of TBS technology, it has the superior update with the latest Linux driver and works fine in any Linux system.

One of the appealing advantages of this TBS qbox is that it could support CI slot and blind scan. There are more than 20 CAM models can be supported by TBS even needn’t buy a phoenix card reader or smargo plus to encrypt the paid channels. You can insert the smart card directly into CAM. The function of blind scan will help you scan all the unknown transponders.

Because TV tuner card is only designed to pick up over-the-air broadcasts, the only connector provided at the opposite end from the USB is a coaxial socket like the one you’ll find poking out of your walls at home. This is where you attach an antenna. Once you’ve carried out this, then you automatically get access to a large number of stations and enjoy your preferred shows with less the expense when you watch satellite Television on your Computer. This HD tv tuner card will provide you HD video and crystal clear sound, which offers you an amazing viewing experience.

Another joy of USB TV tuner cards like the TBS CI box is that the hardware is easy to set up. There is no necessary to open the computer case. You just screw one end into the coaxial connector that comes on the end of an antenna cable and the other into a USB port on your computer. You may then be prompted to insert the disc that comes with the device and follow the instructions to install the included software (or just the driver, in the case of Microsoft Windows).

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