Use a remote control with Windows Media Center

By | September 21, 2011

A windows remote control that signals to an infrared receiver, which can make you hook up to a USB port or something and allow operating WMP on your PC. Of course, you can use a mouse and keyboard to get around Windows Media Center, but the best way to experience Media Center is with a window remote control. There are many types of remote controls for media center available to buy, such as HP remote control, Microsoft remote control. If you purchased a Media Center PC or a digital TV tuner card, a PC remote control might be a necessary MCE kits for Windows 7, Windows Vista,etc

You will also need a transceiver or infrared receiver (IR) for the Windows Media Center remote control to work properly. This can be IR (which is usually connected by a USB cable to the computer), or it can also be non-IR products like Bluetooth or Radio Frequency. This receiver may be internal or external to the computer. Please refer to your hardware documentation to determine which version of the receiver you will need.

If your computer came with a remote, the infrared receiver might be built in to the computer. If you purchased your Media Center remote control separately, it probably came with an infrared receiver that you can connect to your computer’s USB jack.

You can use a PC remote controlto do many things in Windows Media Center. Here is a sample of actions you can perform:

  • Watch, record, control TV (with digital TV tuner present in the computer)
  • Control, play, and rip music
  • Edit & View your Digital Photos and Videos
  • Create, play, and control slide shows of your pictures
  • Access online partners for an expanded experience to include games, additional music, and other software products.
  • Complete control over your listening and viewing pleasure, from anywhere in the room as far as 10-20 M away

With the pc remote control you can navigate through information using the number keys on the remote control to find shows, and other information at the most convenient position.

Optional of Window Remote Controls

1. Microsoft MCE Remote Control USB IR Receiver Win7 Vista 

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2. HP OEM Windows 7 Vista XP Media Center MCE PC Remote Control and Infrared Receiver

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