DVB Reveal 3D Update Plans For 2012

By | September 21, 2011

The Digital Video Broadcast Group have revealed their intentions to enforce improvements to 3D TV technology in the British Isles next year, hoping to see greater levels of detail in the format than ever before.

The ‘DVB Group’ reportedly plan to introduce the upgrades alongside the launching of the ’Phase Two 3D TV standard’ in the region in 2012.

The regulatory body have announced plans to add a (possibly mandatory for all new systems) ‘Depth Range Control’ , which would see the users control just how three-dimensional they want their 3D viewing experience to be.

Another planned update to the technology would be a significant one in terms of picture quality, as a proposed leap to ‘full high definition’ detail is proposed as a replacement for the current ’half-high definition’ 3D resolution.

Speaking at the IBC tradeshow, the chairman of DVB, David Wood, gave his verdict on why “Young people like more depth in the IR pictures than old people do. They like ‘poke your eyes out’, but older consumers like flatter images.”

Wood added his belief that the planned improvements to the technology could be implemented using funds raised by sales of current devices, with an example being a format (MCV) used in certain Blu-ray players, which would require the user to purchase a 3DTV (with set-top boxes often bought alongside them) to ensure full compatibility with the new developments.

For the matter of ‘full definition signal’, it is rumoured that an option DVB may try is permitting broadcasters to stream a second ‘half high-definition’ feed alongside the original to form an overall better-looking picture. With broadcasters in the British Isles in the process of (or being encouraged to carry out) the addition of 3D content, will the new proposals improve the average viewer’s 3D watching experience?

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