TBS MOI TV Box is now available for Pre-order on buydvb

By | January 17, 2013

TBS MOI TV Box  is now available for Pre-order on buydvb, at a price of

ONLY $138.99

It is limited & exclusive offer! Go get your own MOI now!

Basic information for the pre-order:

1. When will the MOI streaming box be available to order?
Only Pre-order will be accepted.
Pre-order has been available on January 16th, 2013

2.How many MOI boxes for pre-order?
There are only 500PCS available for pre-order

3.What’s the price of MOI?Any preferential policy for pre-order?
138.99USD,and all of the pre-orders are with a FREE gift -one Mini PC Stick (worth $49.99)

4. Do you have a release date?
The Pre-order customers can get order shipped at the beginning of March, 2013.3. 4.

5. How do the warranty terms of the MOI streaming box look like?
2 Yeas Warranty.

6. How to get support for the MOI streaming box?
Please send email to buydvb: info[at]buydvb[dot]com

7.Where to pre-order the MOI: