Freeview Channels List & EPG Numbers

By | August 8, 2011

An up to date channel list of subscription free Freeview TV channels, available in the UK is provided as below- last updated in August 2011.

This free to air (FTA) Freeview channel list covers all UK DTT(digital terrestrial television) services includes changes to Freeview EPG channel numbers made in January 2011 to add ITV1+1 on Ch33 and move ITV2+1 to Ch27.

Tele text channels, data services and BBC interactive channels are included in the channel lineup and Top Up TV – pay and subscription channels are suffixed by an asterisk* since they are not available without a one-off or regular subscription payment.

There are around 50 DVB-T Freeview channels transmitted as part of the UK digital terrestrial television, DTT service. These are unencrypted, “free to air” non subscription DVB-T TV channels which are free to view in the UK where Freeview coverage is possible.

Freeview channels list is provided in good faith. Its accuracy is not guaranteed as new channels are added periodically and others may be removed. Please keep on the eyes on freeview channels list from time to time.


  • The asterisk character (*) against a channel name is used to identify encrypted Freeview channels which require a Top Up TV subscription.
  • (#) Freeview HD services are only available in certain areas of the UK. The Hannington transmitter will launch Freeview HD services at digital switchover in 2012.
  • The Freeview mux UHF channel numbers quoted in the above table list the digital multiplexes of the Hannington TV transmitter. The Hannington transmitter covers Berkshire and north Hampshire as well as parts of west Surrey and east Wiltshire.
  • To obtain the UHF channel numbers for your local transmitter, download the DTG Transmitter Pocket Guide which lists the UHF channel number assignments for each Freeview multiplex covering all UK DTT transmitters.

Missing Freeview Channels & Wrong Channel Numbers

Common Freeview problems such as missing channels and incorrect channel numbers are the unfortunate side effect of frequent multiplex changes implemented by the UK Freeview service. A regular freeview TV box retune is required on all Freeview equipment in order to keep the freeview channel list up to date. Some set top boxes (like Panasonic) automatically advise when re-tuning is necessary and an on-screen retuning menu appears.

To fix any viewing problems we recommend retuning your Freeview box or TV if your channel numbering doesn’t match published lists. To do this delete the current EPG Channel List on your set top box or IDTV and then carry out a full channel re-installation using your Freeview boxes “automatic” or “manual” channel installation mode. Details of how to do this on your particular equipment will be in the user guide. Automatic tuning (the easiest Freeview box retuning method) is often referred to as ‘Auto Set Up’. Sometimes a ‘Factory Reset’ or full ‘Auto Tune’ is required to wipe all existing channels, depending on set top box or TV manufacturer.

The manual channel tuning mode on your IDTV or Freeview box allows channel search and installation by UHF channel number and is recommended in areas where Freeview signals from more than one transmitter can be received.

To find out the UHF channel numbers for manual retuning of your particular transmitter, use the digital UK postcode checker and then on the results page, click on ‘Find out more’ (under ‘Reception and channels’ in the ‘Aerial’ row under ‘Method of reception’), then click on the pink ‘How do I re-tune’ menu to reveal the UHF channels needed to tune the Freeview service on your local transmitter).

How to Watch freeview SD and HD channels on PC

Expect watching freeview channels on TV, There has another popular way to watch freeview SD and HD channels. You can use a freeview tuner card on your PC and you can get all the freeview channels on PC. TBS releases a new TBS 6280 DVB T2 twin tuner card, which support watching or recording two different freeview channels simultaneously.

TBS 6280 has been architected to allow simultaneous management of two DVB T2 streaming. DVB T2 demodulator technology supports the detection, receiving and processing of HD terrestrial streams (Especially for Freeview HD). The  freeview tuner pc card driver pack design allows operation with the broadest selection of PVR and Media Center applications; permitting the viewing, pausing and recording of multiple freeview tv programs.

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