Clone+ Home Edition SRF150 Client Card Splitter- Wireless Digital TV at Mulit Room

By | June 18, 2012

Are you still fretting with the high subscription fees of the digital Pay TV in your big family? It seems to be impossible to connect different TV receivers simultaneously in a house. Now the good news is that the Clone+ Home Edition 150 can help you solve the problem. Clone+ card is a high quality splitter compatible with all HD devices. This card sharing system shows the multiroom system performance – innovative service wireless signal separation (package) operators including Digits, Orange TP, Television on the Charter (TNC), viaccess, irtedo, Cryptoworks, such as SCT cards xxx, Free-X TV, theme, and many others. By paying only one subscription, digital pay-TV customers gain significant savings with a device called card splitter. It separates the signal (packet) satellite, cable or terrestrial set-top box so that all digital pay-TV channels can be seen up to 8 different television sets.


  Clone+ Home Edition SRF150 wirelessly splits Digital TV from one subscription’s card in the range of 150 m; all channels are available on even eight TV receivers. Now, each house member can enjoy all their favorite channels without any conflicts. On each TV receiver, different channels can be watched at the same time. More importantly, the latest Clone+ technology ensures comfortable TV watching even in the unfavorable conditions like thick walls, ceilings, insulated walls, etc.

How to Make Clone+ Wireless Card Splitter Work with Your Tuner?

If you are not sure how to make the Clone+ wireless card splitter work with your TV and HD tuner cards, you can follow the next steps. Generally speaking, the Clone+ works with all digital satellite tuners and CI modules which are MediaGuard compatible. Actually HD devices are no challenge to Clone+, which will work with them seamlessly.
Why Choose Clone+  Home Edition 150 Card Splitter?

* The comfort which Clone+ provides means you can independently and simultaneously watch channels on 8 TV receivers.
* Cost saving – you pay only one subscriber’s plan and you can watch all channels on even up to 8 TV receivers.
* Ease of installation and use Clone+ was designed to be easily operated
* Wireless operation – subscribed TV package is wirelessly supplied to TV receivers without cables.

Key features:

* Dedicated for: Cyfra+ (Poland), Digital+ / Astra / (Spain), Canal Digitaal (Holland), Can***** (France), Meo (Portugal),
* serving up to 8 active users,
* unauthorized access protection,
* works with all satellite tuners and CI modules which are MediaGuard compatible,
* extended LED indicators system,
* advanced Plug&Play technology,
* fast and reliable performance,
* software update via USB,
* easy and fast installation.

Hardware list that Clone+ was already checked with:

* Reality Cam
* Diablo Cam
* Aston v 1.05, v 2.x
* Matrix Reborn, Revolution, Reoladed
* Magic Cam
* Xcam , Xcam Premium
* Dragon v 4.0 / 4.1 Cam
* T-Rex Cam
* Zeta Cam ver.2A270X
* Icecrypt Cam
* Cyfra+ Cam
* Philips DSB 6010
* Philips DSB 3010
* Philips DSR 3201
* Mediasat Pioneer 1330, 1430, 1530, 1630, 1730
* Mediasat Kenwood DTF -1/2
* Mediasat Thomson TS3P, nowa wersja w malej obudowie
* Mediasat HDTV Phiilps
* Mediasat HDTV PVR Phiilps
* Ferguson AF 6018, AF 7018, AF 8018 (without Eurosport), DF 6000, DF 9000
* Ferguson AF 6318, AF 7318
* Ferguson HF 8800 HDTV, HF 8900 USB
* Ferguson FX 6600, FX 7600, 9600 USB
* Protek 9200, 9300
* Radix DT X9
* Globo 7000 CR, 7100CR, 7010CR and CX series
* Golden Interstar 770 XSpeed
* Golden Interstar 780 XSpeed
* Golden Interstar 870 XSpeed
* Dreambox 500, 5620, 7000, 7020, 7025
* Relook 200, 400
* Triple Dragon
* Mediasat Pace DSR 221
* Strong SRT 6860

Each Clone+ Home Edition 150 set comes with follow

* 1 Clone+ Master
* 2 Clone+ wireless client card´s
* 1 Power supply
* User manual
* CD