How to set A/V codecs for Freeview HD channels on TBSViewer correctly

By | August 9, 2011


I have just bought TBS6280 Freeview HD Tuner, but cannot get the DVB-T2 Freeview HD Channels to display on TBSViewer– no video or audio.

What could be the cause? Do you know how to solve the problem?

1. The card installed fine and is showing in Device Manager Correctly (have downloaded latest drivers, TBS viewer is from the CD)

2. I have scanned for channels and it has found all the DVB-T and DVD-T2 channels from my local transmitter

3. DVB-T (SD) channels display correctly – video and audio

4. DVB-T2 (HD channels give me no sound or vision- but I do see the EPG banner.


Points 1-3 confirms your 6280 hardware is operation as well that you’ve installed the driver and software properly – still i would suggest to update to the latest TBSViewer version from the web-site:

So, most probably the problem is in missing video/audio codecs in your system – DVB-T (SD) uses MPEG-2 and it seems MPEG-2 codecs in your system are fine, while DVB-T2 (HD) uses MPEG-4: H.264 for video and most likely AAC for audio.

How to set A/V codecs for Freeview HD channels on TBSViewer correctly

Please check the codec status: right click on TBSViewer window (on the black screen that you get when try to watch DVB-T2) and from the menu choose Options then go to Decoder tab, as you can see on the attached picture:

Also, from there you can try to select another H.264 and AAC codec manually. Please, note that those codecs are third-party components installed in your system and we do not supply any video/audio codecs.

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