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Dear Customers:

If you have any TBS product on hand, we sincerely invite you to take some video clips for them, introducing the process of configuring the cards or servers, or introducing the experience of using TBS products in your project. If you can post these video clips on Youtube and Facebook to share your experience, you will get up to US$100 shopping Coupon. The coupons can be used to buy any product on https://shop.tbsdtv.com/.

Requirements for the video and policy for the coupons

To get the coupons: send your video link to promotion@tbsdtv.com

1. The video can be any of TBS product you have on hand, like TBS TV tuner cards, TBS Encoders, TBS Transcoders, TBS streaming servers and so on.

2. The video content can be:

  • Unboxing video and introducing what project you use the products for.
  • Specifications or functions introduction.
  • The process that you install TBS products in your system.
  • System configuring video
  • Showing TBS products in your data center
  • Or any content you can do for helping other clients to know more about TBS products.

3. The video time should be no less than 60 seconds.

4. The video should be showed on your Youtube or Facebook for more than a week (7 days).
--- If you post the video on Youtube in 17th Jun. You can send us email with the video's link in 24th Jun to get the coupon.

1. You will get a US$50 coupon for each video on Youtube or Facebook (Other social media platforms will not work).
--- For example, if you post a TBS2605 HDMI encoder video on Youtube, you will get a US$50 coupon. If you also post this video on Facebook, you will get a second coupon. Then, You can use two $50 coupons together in a single order to buy any TBS product on https://shop.tbsdtv.com.

2. If you don't have time to make video by yourself, you can forward TBS made video in https://www.youtube.com/user/buydvb to your Youtube or Facebook (Other social media platforms will not work). By this way, you will get US$10 coupon per forwarding.

3. Only 2 coupons are allowed to use together in a single order.

4. TBS will not refund balance to you if the products you buy cost less than your coupons.

5. To get the coupons, please send your video link to promotion@tbsdtv.com.

TBS Technologies International Ltd reserves all the right for the final explanation of the activity.
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