Unicable is fully supported by TBS6981 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual Tuner card

By | November 8, 2011

Unicable is single cable distribution, which enables the delivery of broadcast programming to multiple users over a single coaxial cable, and eliminates the numerous cables required to support consumer electronics devices such as twin-tuner satellite receivers TBS6981, quad-tuner card  TBS6984 ,CI TV tuner TBS6928 and other TBS receivers.

Single cable distribution technology enables one coaxial cable from the antenna equipment to multiple tuners, to provide independent tuning across the whole range of satellite reception for each tuner.

Unicable uses an integrated software and hardware solution that allows Unicable-certified Digital Video Recorders and receivers to multiplex selected programming when using Unicable LNB or multiswitching products.

The advantage of Unicable:

  • Standardized “plug and play” technology
  • Easier installation of new dual-tuner receivers requiring only a single cable feed
  • Access of all polarizations and bands of one or two orbital positions via a single cable
  • Full coverage of entire satellite IF range (no channels are omitted)
  • Up to 8 different satellite receivers (tuners) per single cable drop
  • Fully transparent with regard to the transmitted signals
  • Cost efficient connection of multiple receivers in a home via a single cable
  • Significant cost savings for new installations and upgrades
  • Allows usage of existing cables installations turning them into DTH installations.
  • Unicable  Accessories – ensure trouble-free and effective installations

How to install TBS6981 with TBSViewer for Unicable?

1. TBS6981 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual Tuner card

TBS6981 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual tuner card supports receiving or recording two channels in the same time, which enables you to watch channel from one transponder/satellite while recording another channel from another transporder/satellite. TBS6981 card’s driver V2.0.1.1 or later version allows the card supporting Unicable under the TBSViewer V20111103 or later version.

2. SCR (Single Cable Router)

Single Cable Router (SCR) – a down-conversion device for the radio data link. It convert RF signal from satellite dish or TV antenna to the user-defined IF channel. Usually a bunch of the SCR’s is connected to the single coaxial cable – each converting to the separate IF channel. Entire system including SCR is called Single Cable Distribution.

3 TBSViewer

TBSviewer is an OEM version of DVBviewer, which is a popular application for satellite TV receiving. TBSDTV is just updated the TBSViewer to V20111103, which enable TBS6981 card to support Unicable with the latest driver V2.0.1.1

4 Installation:

  •  Plug TBS6981 PCI-E Dual tuner card into PCIe slot in your desktop computer, install the latest windows driver V2.0.1.1 or later version.
  •  Connect the TBS6981 card to LNB through SCR.
  •  Install TBSViewer V20111103 or later version.
  • Set up the Unicable connecting.

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