TBS6925 Test Report: DVB-S2 MIS Reception

By | December 7, 2011

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Three of the four transponder streams transmitted by ATLANTIC BIRD 1 MIS compatible receivers or PC cards will choose the streams best suited in the circumstance, depending on the signal level at the reception site. In this example, viewers in the center of beam with the maximum level of signal quality can watch LA7’s 3D test transmissions, whilst viewers in fringe areas of beam with a less good signal level can only view the HD channels and viewers outside beam will only get channels in SD. MIS compatible satellite receivers will choose the stream according to the signal level available. Special softwares as the TBS6925 TS Recorder allows the viewer to choose individually the desired stream.

1. To identify MIS (Multiple Input Stream) transmissions, you enter in the reception parameters in the TBS Recorder program. This program is included with the Tenow TBS6925 PC card. The Input Stream Identifiers recognized by the software are listed in the lower-most drop-down menu.

2. The channels that were found can be viewed in a TV Viewer such as DVBViewer; for example, LA7 on ATLANTIC BIRD 1 at 12.5° west.

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