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Review on TBS6301 HDMI HD Capture Card

Dear All, Good day! Hope everything goes well with you. TBS6301 HDMI HD video capture card works as DVB tuner system device with its built-in H264 encoder for HDCP supported HDMI input interface including resolution and bitrate options. So integration is very simple. 4K version can be a future proof model. Besides, it supports both… Read More »

How to use video capture card with MOI Pro AMD?

Hi All, Good day! Here comes awesome video for you. How to use video capture card with professional IPTV Streaming Server MOI Pro AMD? https://youtu.be/G3_UjhGypaA Any further question, pls feel free to contact us. Thanks! Best https://bes.org/ambien-online/ Regards, TBS Support Team E-mail: support@tbsdtv.com TBS Technology THE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR DIGITAL TV AND MORE Live TV… Read More »