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Why choose TBS6985 DVB-S2 Quad TV Tuner instead of TBS6984

TBS Technologies announced that they have released TBS6985 DV-S2 Quad Tuner to replace TBS6984, the price is still $249.99. But most of people do not know the difference between TBS6985 and TBS6984,so here I made a detailed parameter list to help people better understand TBS6985 Quad TV Tuner: Main Features TBS6985  TBS6984  Quad Tuner √ √ PCIe… Read More »

Review for TBS 6984 Quad TV Tuner Card

Do you want to watch four different channels of satellite TV on your pc simultaneously? It seems to be an unreal and unbelievable experience. However, new release of TBS 6984 quad tuner card will make all of them become true. TBS 6984 PCI-E DVB-S2 Quad Tuner TV Card is the world’s first professional multi-tuner sat… Read More »