How To Setup The Smargo Smartreader+

By | April 25, 2011

Here’s a tutorial to setup the smargo smartcard reader. Please respond if the smargo reads a card that failed in the internal reader.

Here’s how to get it working.smartcard reader

Requirements …

  • DM7025 / DM800 / DM8000 / DM7020
  • Smargo Smartreader+ – Buy one here
  • Software Tools – Download


  • Latest Gemini GP2 Image or Nabilo Image.
  1. Unpack the tools zip file to somewhere useful.
  2. Plug the smargo into a USB port on your PC.
  3. Windows will detect the new device.
  4. Do a manual drivers install , pointing to the Drivers_Windows folder.
  5. It will prompt for drivers for the USB device , then again for the serial device. OK, once the drivers are installed we’re ready to go.

Ok, lets go.

Make sure the smargo is plugged into the PC with NO viewing card in it.

Firstly, we need to check the Ambien Online smargo firmware version, so run the SmartreaderUpdate.exe

If the firmware is v1.3 it will say so in the status bar at the bottom of the window and you can close this util, if not, click the update button and it will apply the update.

Now we need to put the smargo in the correct mode to run directly in the Dreambox. So run the Smartreader.exe and change the kernel settings to Dreambox and click Apply.

Ok, so now your done with the Smargo setup tools.

Move to the dreambox now.

Go to the blue panel, and select Extras / Settings , then select Kernel Modules.
Enabled the ‘USB Cardreader FTDI’ option. I think a reboot is required after enabling this.

Ok , lastly lets edit the CCcam.cfg to suit our new reader.
Simply add the following line


SERIAL READER : /dev/usb/tts/0 smartreader+

Thats it guys.


Install the appropriate driver from this zip file. It contains Nabilo packaged drivers for the DM7025 / 800 / 8000. Ftp the correct file to /tmp and then go to the Green Panel, then addons. Select manual install of nab.tgz files. You should now see the file you FTP’d in the list. Simply select it and confirm to install.

Thanks to sonic1, ( I missed this part out.)
Edit the file /etc/init.d/bootup

you add:

echo 90 > /proc/progress
modprobe ftdi_sio

Restart enigma 2

Again, edit the CCcam.cfg to suit our new reader.


SERIAL READER : /dev/usb/tts/0 smartreader+

Reboot the box to use the new drivers.
Thats it guys.

Enigma 1 DM7020

The smargo software package I’ve included does include a driver for the DM7020. This can be applied via telnet quite easily. Again, FTP the 2 drivers to /tmp and make sure you Chmod them to 755. Failure to do this will halt the install of these drivers. Then in a telnet session enter the following.


ipkg install /tmp/kernel-module-ftdi-sio_2.6.9-r9_dm7020.ipk

ipkg install /tmp/kernel-module-usbserial_2.6.9-r9_dm7020.ipk

Obviously , same applies , add the CCcam.cfg line


SERIAL READER : /dev/usb/tts/0 smartreader+

Thats it guys, enjoy the smargo !

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