How to send AV signals from DVD, DVR, CCD camera to TV set to be displayed?

By | May 31, 2012

“My bay was sleeping, but I can’t look after him in my kitchen.””“It’s time for cooking, but I won’t miss any TV programs”.”Mum wants to watch Eastenders, dad wants to watch the match and the kids want their favorite DVD on”.

The arguments can reach fever pitch. Cue technology to the rescue. By fitting an AV Sender device you can send satellite set-top box, DVD, DVR, CCD camera signals to a TV in another room. That means you can play a DVD, DVR downstairs and send a program on Freeview or Sky to be watched upstairs – or vice versa. So the kids can watch a DVD in their room, while the rest of the families watch another show in the living room. And you will not worry about take care of you baby when cooking in kitchen.

How to use the AV Sender
• Look at the back of your DVD and your AV sender. There will be color coded sockets on both. Use a composite AV cable with the same colors to connect the AV Out on the DVD to the AV In on the sender. Make sure the red lead is connected to the red sockets, etc.
• If your AV sender came with an “IR blaster”, plug this into the IR port. It has a sticky backing, so you can fix it onto       the front of the DVD; the instructions will show you where and how
• Connect your AV device to the mains and turn it on. The Channel switch should be set to CH1
• Take the AV receiver to the TV in the second room you want to be able to view in. Using another AV composite cable, connect the AV Out ports to the AV In on the TV
• Make sure the receiver is set to CH1
• Your devices are likely to have aerials. Aim these, as much as is possible, at each other
• Use the aerial on the receiver to fine tune for best picture and sound quality

Features for the AV Sender:
• Mini size with modern design
• 5.8GHz wireless transmitter and receiver
• External Omni-directional antenna
• NTSC / PAL video format available
• With 8 selectable channels (Dip Switch)
• Remote control the A/V source with IR extender
• Transmit the crisp A/V signal with radio frequency
• Compatible with Camcorder or CMOS camera application
• Low power consumption