ER-Telecom selects Conax CAM for HD TV service in Russia

By | May 25, 2011

SMIT (State Micro Technology Corporation) has supplied a new Secure Conax chipset pairing Conditional Access Module (CAM) to support ER-Telecom’s HD service expansion in Russia.

Conax, provider of security solutions for digital content distribution, has entered a contract with Russian Satellite TV operator, Telekarta LLC. Security partner Conax will deliver content protection technology for the Telekarta DTH platform. Key factors in the Conax/Telekarta contract include Conax’ benchmark policy for “freedom of choice” of security-evaluated client devices, combined with no royalty fee and a wide range of client devices already available to the end consumer in the Russian market.

“Conax is already known for its security record. Instrumental in our decision to select Conax CAM, to complement Telekarta’s rapidly growing DTH offering was the wide choice of Conax secure client devices for Telekarta’s end customers and no royalty fee, say Telekarta’s officials”

Conax security-evaluated client devices are required to undergo a renowned, strict security regime to qualify for certification. Conax CI module is able to provide both Telekarta and Russian end consumers a highly comprehensive DTH offering that includes both proven, strong security track record and start-up costs lower in comparison to other regional DTH projects.  Conax module is a unique in that it offers operators the choice of secure turn-key solutions or the freedom to choose from a variety of partner solutions for a tailor-made secure solution.

The service was marketed under the “Divan-TV PLUS” brand and allows subscribers to watch up different channels including HD services. The new product will enable consumers to access an array of digital television services including HD channels. The CAM chips with European technology and approved by Conax for its high security performance; before officially released to market, the CAM had been widely tested with hosts to ensure the compatibility. The digital services are accessed through friendly simple user interface.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of a new CI Module for Russian consumers,” commented Stephen He, Vice president of SMiT. “The product has been made in close collaboration with ER-Telecom to ensure that it strikes a delicate balance between being cost effective and high security – this unit allows an operator to enhance the security of its pay-TV content and offer its subscribers friendly simple way to enjoy the digital TV” – he added.

The new secure CI module for TV enables the Russian pay-TV operator to grow its digital TV service portfolio in Russia following the launch of its HD digital TV service early this year.

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