Enjoy TV on big TV screen with Mini PC MK802 Android TV Box

By | November 12, 2012

Mini PC MK802 Android TV box, connect your TV to the Internet and let you enjoy free movies, chatting, games, news and other information sites; you will share all this together with your family. The android tv box has Internet browser, games all in one. In this article, we’ll introduce you what it does.


















Television or PC

The mini pc is a low cost full computer, adapted to consumer application. It connects to the Internet through wireless WiFi network or via the home Ethernet LAN. To connect the TV you need only one HDMI cable.Just connect it to any HDMI display and a variety of USB input devices such as keyboard, mouse (both wired and wireless) or even a gamepad.

Watch online movies

With MK802 Android TV Box you can access many websites that provide free movies and access to TV channels, and enjoy watching them on your HDTV big screen. Search the Internet to find your favorite video sites.

Play Games on big TV screen

Google play store let you to download favorite app games become possible, it provides endless sources of games (and now many of the games are suitable for the big screen TV), it’ll be a different enjoyment to play angry birds on big TV screen.

Browse Internet

With the TV box, you can access many websites, to browse BBC news, TV shows, TV sports, etc.

Chat with friends and family

Chat with friends and family using Skype, MSN, Yahoo and other chat tools. You can chat and video conference with your parents that are far away and share this experience with your whole family. The big TV screen is the right place to watch live video. You can watch clips that people put on YouTube and even get email directly to the Android box MK802

The ultimate entertainment

The mk802 android TV Box is an all-in-one box that brings great entertainment for the whole family.To enjoy TV,favorite movies,chatting, sports news and games with your family in the front of big TV screen.