TBS2603au Setup for Content Creators and e-deejay’s (Presentation Part 2)

By | January 22, 2021

Dear All,

Good day. Today we’d like to show you our hot-sale TBS2603au HDMI video encoder &decoder.

TBS2603au NDI®|HX support H.265/H.264 HDMI Video Encoder & Decoder is not only a professional HD video Encoder/ Decoder, but also a HDMI/ USB video recorder. It’s compatible with HTTP, HLS(m3u8), RTP/ UDP unicast, multicast, RTMP/RTMPS, RTSP, SRT, ONVIF protocol and NDI®|HX streams.

Q: What’s NDI® ?
A: Network Device Interface (NDI®) is a high performance standard that allows anyone to use real time, ultra low latency video on existing IP video networks. Find more details here: https://newsandviews.dataton.com/what-is-ndi-network-device-interface

Q: What’s SRT ?
A: SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is used by thousands of organizations globally in a wide range of industry applications, from IP cameras, video encoders and decoders to gateways, OTT platforms and CDNs. SRT has also been adopted by leading industry open source technologies including VLC by VideoLAN, GStreamer, Wireshark, FFmpeg, Libav and most recently, OBS Studio. Find more details here: https://www.haivision.com/products/srt-secure-reliable-transport/

Q: What kind of inputs can we use with TBS2603au?
A: TBS2603au supports HDMI inputs, audio line-in inputs, UVC cameras inputs via USB interface, or NDI®|HX streams input.

Q?Does TBS2603au supports only encoded audio stream output?
A : Yes. TBS2603au supports video streams output , or only audio streams output, or extracting video without audio outputs in IP streams…

Q: Dose TBS2603au support OSD (On Screen Display) function?
A: Sure. TBS2603au supports inserting Logo, Text, Mosaics and Time Display to the video

Q: Does TBS2603au support HDCP and HD blue-ray?
A: Yes.

Q: How can I setup TBS2603au?
A: You’ll find the answer in this video “TBS2603au test setup for content creators and e-deejay’s (Presentation Part 2)” https://youtu.be/7ulmlCGScNU

Any interested in H.264/H.265 HDMI video encoder/decoder, please don’t hesitate to contact us on e-mail sales@tbsdtv.com or leave your comments here. Thank you. :)

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