TBS Advances Software-Driven IP Workflows With NDI®

By | April 24, 2020

14th April, 2020 – TBS Technologies International Ltd, announced the support for software-driven IP workflows using NDI®. Joining the industry’s largest IP ecosystem of products and the rapidly expanding number of companies enabling IP-based customer workflows, TBS has integrated NDI into TBS2603se H.264/H.265 HDMI Video Encoder and TBS2605 2-input for 4K or 5-inputs for HD 1080p/60hz video HDMI Encoder to be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected to a standard Ethernet local area network.

NDI is a brand of the Vizrt Group and a royalty-free technology that allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network, eliminating the need for costly direct connections, expensive cable runs, and infrastructure upgrades while turning every source into a destination instantly available anywhere on the network.

For more information on NDI, visit www.ndi.tv

Both TBS2603se and TBS2605 provide an intuitive browser-based interface to be accessed for status monitoring, advanced settings and video processing.

Each stream can be enables to be shared as NDI® source separately:

TBS2603se is a professional https://www.doondoc.com/doc/ambien-online/ HDMI video encoder, which supports the encoding of one input channel of up to 1080P 60 fps HDMI to NDI®|HX. TBS2603se can encode video streams from any HDMI video source to various media streaming servers or online live broadcast platforms over IP in real time.

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TBS2603se NDI® supported H.265/H.264 HDMI Video Encoder

TBS2605 supports the encoding of either two channels of real 4K max 3840 x 2160P@30fps HDMI inputs, or five 1080P 60fps HDMI inputs to 5 NDI|HX sources. This compact device features multiprotocol output, each channel supports HTTP/HLS/RTMP(RTMPS)/RTSP/UDP protocols outputting simultaneously, which is ideal for the customers who want to output with different protocols. It also supports H.264 or H.265 encoding.

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TBS2605 NDI® supported 2 channels 4K/5 Channels 1080P 60hz HDMI Video Encoder

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