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Guide for using sasc-ng to read smartcard on Linux Ubuntu (TBS card + phoenix card reader TBS3102)

This tutorial is only about running sasc-ng to use your phoenix reader with channels that you have paid for (it will not work if you didnt buy subscryption or channels are not ones subscribed – u must have reader and card inserted). I have got flustrated that in all network there is some cccam or… Read More »

How to install TBS6981 DVB-S2 Dual tuner card on Linux Ubuntu 11.04 ?

Most TBS digital TV tuner cards/boxes have very good up to date Linux driver support, Although TBS provides read me doc in the Linux driver package, still many people could have question about how to install TBS6981 on Linux Ubuntu. Here is a simple ‘how to’ for you – follows these step-by-step guide you should… Read More »