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Review for TBS 8922 DVB-S2 HD Digital Satellite Tuner PCI Card

TBS8922 is a TBS latest version of PCI DVB-S2 TV tuner card, which supports to receive and watch HD digital satellite programs (also compatible with Freesat) on the desktop. TBS8922 also fully supports satellite internet connecting and high-speed satellite data downloading. It works great with popular DVB software e.g ProgDVB, DVBDream, and Skygrabber. It is also a kind of Linux supported DVB S2 computer PCI card. Here are TBS 8922 reviews come from our customers.

Supports windows 7 64 bit –Written By Jeffers

Download the latest drivers for windows 7 before installing this PCI card, media centre detects and scans automatically. Great for Freesat, I have two cards installed, picks up BBC HD – but really only rubbish on there at the moment! Download ‘Guidetool’ for easy media centre guide editing of the 1000+ channels available. Best choice for Freesat viewing card.

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Review for TBS 6984 Quad TV Tuner Card

Do you want to watch four different channels of satellite TV on your pc simultaneously? It seems to be an unreal and unbelievable experience. However, new release of TBS 6984 quad tuner card will make all of them become true. TBS 6984 PCI-E DVB-S2 Quad Tuner TV Card is the world’s first professional multi-tuner sat PC card for watching digital satellite TV on the PC, including supports four DVB S2 transponders or download data from four DVB s2 8PSK/QPSK Demodulators synchronously. It enables Media Center PCs to play or record up to four live channels of HDTV at once, and stream live HD channels or recordings to multiple HDTVs throughout the dish network, all from a multi-tuner card. With the TBS 6984 Quad Tuner Card, your Media Center PC becomes a complete entertainment platform for all your media, including watching HD streaming game sports and over thousands of new movies, video and music.

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What Is DVB-S2

DVB-S2 is the abbreviation of Digital Video Broadcast Satellite Second Generation, which is designed as a successor for popular Digital Video Broadcast (DVB-S) standard.  It was developed in 2003 and gained worldwide popularity in 2005. It is base on DVB-S and the Digital Satellite News Gathering standard and used by mobile units for sending sounds and images from remote locations world-wide back to their home television stations. DVB-S2 receiver is envisaged for broadcast services including standard and HDTV, interactive services including Internet access, and (professional) data content distribution. The development of DVB-S2 coincided with the introduction of HDTV and H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video codes.

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