MOI Pro-AMD How to reset to factory system

By | July 30, 2015

Hi guys, do not know how to reset to factory system for TBS2951 MOI Pro-AMD? Now instruction is available, please check it out here at

1.Download file “” or “” from
2.Prepare an USB flash disk (at least 4G capacity) and format it to fat32.
3.Unpack the zip file to USB flash disk root folder (DO NOT put to the file under any folders in USB, put it in home directory)
4.Insert USB flash disk to MOI Pro-AMD, then power it up and hold “delete” key on keyboard immediately, then it will go to BIOS settings.
5.Select start from USB device.and Save BIOS setting.
6. When booting select the resolution.
7. Select “en_US.UTF-8 English” by default
8. Select “Don’t touch keymap”
9. Select “Enter_shell”.
10. Select cmd enter the command line mode .
11. Enter the following command to start reset the system.
$ sudo -s
# cd /lib/live/mount/medium/home/
# gzip -c -d 30g_ghost_centos_c.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sda

This will need about 30 minutes , just wait it finish.