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Buydvb Buyer Protection

Covers your purchase price plus original shipping.

Fast - Solve problems quickly without customer support. Easy - We'll work with the seller to make it right. Free - It's included with your Buydvb purchases.

How does Buydvb Buyer Protection work?

  1. Contact the seller

    We accept PayPal, credit card. Your payment is only released to after you have confirmed your item has arrived safely.

  2. Still not resolved? Get assistance from customer service

    You may also have time to check your delivery for accuracy and are able to dispute any incorrectly delivered items before any payment are released. We offer the available tracking number promptly to make sure you always know where your package is.

  3. We'll work with the seller to help resolve the issue

    BuyDVB buyer protection will ensure that all the items must be shipped and correctly delivered to you within a specified time period.

  4. We'll work with the seller to help resolve the issue

    Your payment details and personal information are never exposed to any third parties at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Are payments on BuyDVB Secure?

We accept escrow payment; all payment methods are secure and covered by BuyDVB buyer protection. Absolutely, your online payment information will never be exposed.

Can I see my package being dispatched, shipped & delivered?

All items use online tracking so you can know when to expect delivery. Yes, all items dispatched to you are covered by shipping methods such as EMS,DHL and Singapore Post, etc, which can be tracked online to make sure you can see exactly where your items are and how long to expect before delivery.

What happened to PayPal Buyer Protection?

PayPal Buyer Protection on BuyDVB existed only for these customers who paid for their purchases through a PayPal account. Now purchase protection and issue resolution for your BuyDVB purchases will be managed by our website, for all eligible payment methods. With BuyDVB Buyer Protection, buyers will receive coverage for the full purchase price of the item, plus original shipping. You can lodge a claim to PayPal and ask the refund at any time.

Do I need to send the item back to the seller?

If you've opened an item not as described case for a purchase covered by BuyDVB Buyer Protection, then you must typically contact with customer service. As soon as you get the return authentication, you can send the item back. Once we've confirmed the item was returned to BuyDVB, you'll receive a full refund into your account.